Distinguished Professional

We are happy to announce the new “Distinguished Professional” profile of Leslie I. Snyder on our partner web site, Noticed.co, (formerly Expertnetwork.co).

Recognizing her valuable experience of 30 years dedicated to law, the new profile outlines the motivation that started it all:

At first, I was greatly influenced and inspired by my father who is a lawyer, recently retired. Then, while working as director of the Department of Education Federal Program in Pennsylvania, my colleagues encouraged me to attend law school.

Also highlighted in the article, is the core belief of Leslie I. Snyder’s immigration law practice, that keeps her ahead of the trends and truly makes her a distinguished professional:

Immigration is really politically based, which means that it’s constantly changing. I need to check the news, the regulations, and all of those things that are affected by who may be serving in Congress or in the White House. I must keep up with current affairs all the time in order to do my job to the best of my abilities.

As a perfect example, we invite you to read the latest article on our web site, that points to the latest development in the world of immigration issues. The article is HERE.

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