Extension for Medical Examination and Vaccination Record

One of the documents required for immigration benefits is Form I-693. Normally, the validity of this form, once filled, is two years. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both applicants and USCIS has been experiencing unforeseen delays in obtaining/processing this indispensable form.

As a consequence, USCIS has issued a Policy Alert stipulating that applicants with an expired 1-693 may now benefit from an additional two years extension for the validity of this form. As such, if an applicant has received an RFE (Request for Evidence) from the USCIS because their I-693 had expired after two years, but it is valid under the temporary extension to four years and they meet the requirements, the response needs to cite this policy alert.  

We strongly recommend that you consult the updated instructions for Form I-693 in order to determine that the new rules apply to you.

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