Houses of Worship Become Sanctuaries for Some Illegal Immigrants

Anti-Trump Attitudes Increase on the Immigration Front

The New York Times is alerting us that houses of worship might just become the last line of defense in the new Trump era to come. As stated all throughout his presidential campaign, now President-elect Donald J. Trump has been envisioning a whole host of immigration measures aimed at making immigrants with uncertain status in the US subjects to deportation.

The New York times presents the moving case of Javier Flores Garcia, who has been put on notice for deportation. As he describes it, “my only crime is coming back” (crossing the border illegally from Mexico after having been deported nine times). Mr. Flores has a wife and three children that would face undue hardship if he leaves. He has found shelter in a Philadelphia downtown church. Its pastor, Rev. Rev. Robin Hynicka, explains his community’s gesture this way: “Jesus said we are to provide hospitality to the stranger.”

The article mentions that throughout the US, there are presently 450 houses of worship that offer sanctuary to people such as Mr. Flores.

To read the entire article, CLICK HERE.

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