Immigration Executive Order

CNN has reported that the President Obama’s Executive Order on Immigration might be signed as soon as late next week. This of course means that a previously unavailable pathway may soon open, allowing legalization (or semi-legalization), of millions of individuals who are presently without status.

While the details of the legalization program based on this executive order are still a matter of speculation, based on what is known so far, we anticipate that the president will take a two-pronged approach:

1) Deferred Action (possibly for individuals who spent 5 years in the U.S., have USC relatives, and no criminal record that would otherwise disqualify them); and

2) Enforcement Reforms.

It should be mentioned that it is also possible that instead of Deferred Action the president will move towards full legalization, akin to the “cancellation of removal” or similar process used in the past, though in the light of the current political climate, we believe action akin to Deferred Action is more likely.

Hopefully, we will all know more in the days or weeks to come.

In the meantime, Leslie I. Snyder P.A. will continue to follow the news on this important issue and be ready to assist  with these and other immigration matters.

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