Immigration Services Available for Those Affected by Hurricane Florence or Typhoon Mangkhut

Re-parole or changing immigration status are two of the services offered now by the USCIS to certain immigration applicants.

USCIS has posted a host of immigration services offered to those affected by the last two hurricanes that hit mainland US this month. This is an effort to afford some flexibility to those that might experience hardships in their immigration process due to these events. Please be advised, these are discretionary services and available only upon request to the qualified individuals. Please read the entire list of services and conditions that apply, HERE

Please familiarize yourself with what USCIS considers “Special Situations” and what exceptions you can benefit from should they apply to you, here:

As always, if you feel that you need more clarifications and that your case might benefit your own case or that of someone you know, feel free to contact us as soon as possible.

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