Non-Criminals Targeted for Deportation

As reported by NBC News, “ICE arrests of noncriminals increased 66 percent in the first nine months of the 2018 fiscal year over the same period a year earlier”.

The article warns that the danger of deportation is now more probable for people with minor offenses, such as traffic violations. It cites the case of Ruben Moroyoqui, a 45-year-old mechanic in Tucson, Arizona, who was simply pulled over while he was picking up some auto parts, asked for his license, and, immediately afterwards, about his immigration status. The police simply handed him over to ICE without ever charging him with any traffic violation, according to his attorney, cited in the article.

Similar cases are presented in the NBC’s piece, with the conclusion that being put in deportation procedures is now more and more the default option not only for drug kingpins or people suspected of high crimes, but for any small offense. The entire article is HERE

As with any news of increased harshness on the part of the authorities against immigrants that have still not resolved their immigration status in the US, we advise that you seek the help of an immigration lawyer immediately, so that you can be informed about your legal rights, should such circumstances occur.

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