USCIS Application: Steps to Speed up Your Application

Many immigrants are concerned about the lengthy processing times for their U.S. immigration applications. Even simple tasks like renewing a resident card or applying for a passport can be delayed. Forbes has recently published a very useful article, outlining some useful steps to expedite the process. Here are the first 10:

  1. Follow USCIS guidelines precisely to prevent errors.
  2. Submit a complete application with all necessary documents.
  3. Ensure accuracy and completeness in your application.
  4. Carefully follow USCIS instructions to avoid mistakes.
  5. Double-check forms, documents, and fees for accuracy.
  6. Apply early to account for unexpected delays.
  7. Use courier services for physical document submissions.
  8. Stay informed about estimated processing times.
  9. Stay updated on immigration policies.
  10. Explore priority processing and expedited options if eligible.

You can read the entire list of suggested steps HERE

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